For example, the Islamic State’s (IS) declared Ramadan

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I felt a lot of shame. Sometimes I felt paralyzed by self loathing. I felt hopeless, and that was what I deserved; shame and hopelessness.. Easy to forget about the ones that are not heatbags. But really, if you take away the few that were jailed in the Philippines, it has been pretty quiet story wise. Sure there is stuff in the archives..

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So I would say spotting political Pharisees and dissemblers is where Raj Thackeray talents really lie and he should focus more on words than on actions best replica designer like beating up people or breaking their sign boards. At this point of time I would also say he is the only other person in India, apart from Narendra Modi, with mesmerising oratorical skills he put that to good use in his new year Gudi Padwa message to his party workers. We have to fight a third war of Independence in the coming elections, he said and turned Modi own words about a Congress mukt Bharat on him by asking people to get rid of the BJP at the next elections.

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